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Customer Reviews

  • My Oily-skin savior!

    Tatcha has never disappointed me with any of their products and The Water Cream is no different! It's so difficult to describe the feeling of applying this moisturizer. When you pick it up on the elegant spoon, it feels like a super emollient cream. But as you apply it, it turns to air, water, something that feels so light and refreshing. You simply have to try it to understand. My oily skin was balanced all day long and when I got home from work at night it still felt soft and plump. The Water Cream is another Tatcha miracle!
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  • Perfect cream for summer!

    I ADORE water cream. But it isn't for winter. On the East Coast you need something heavier because even if you have humidifiers and steam at gym, your skin dries out. Fantastic value. I love this cream.
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  • disappointing

    I had really high hopes for The Water Cream because of so many enthusiastic reviews from other oily skinned folks. However using this during the day exacerbates my oiliness. I have given this product a full three weeks of daily use in hopes my skin would adjust to it. On a more positive note, I am having better luck with the Indigo Sensitive Starter Kit Moisturizer that was purchased at the same time - perhaps daytime usage of that set will be more agreeable to my oily skin.
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  • Hands down one of the best moisturizers

    I have normal to dry skin and I absolutely love this. It literally feels like water is being splashed on your face, very hydrating. I like to keep mine in my mini fridge in my room to have it chilled so that way after I wash my face, I get the hydration but it also helps close the product into my pores due to the coldness. :)
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  • Amazing !

    I want to personally thank Tatcha for restoring my skin & my self-esteem. In a bid to start a skin care routine at the age of 29 I ended up completely destroying my skin. Using so many brands and products that only seemed to make the problem worse. I ended up with painful cystic acne, dry spots, scarring, and redness/rashes, my skin was awful! While holidaying in New York I picked up the best sellers kit. By the time we got to Hawaii I was more than ready to commit to full sizes, I ended up purchasing - camellia one step cleansing oil, the essence , the water cream, the luminous dewy skin mist , & a 4 pack of deep hydration masks (which I never got to use because between the hotel and the airport they went missing :( ) the water cream plumps my skin and offers it the perfect amount of hydration with no residue, my skin is softer , the texture is so smooth, I no longer get clogged pores and I’ve not had a single pimple since starting the regime . My skin has never been better and the water cream has played a major roll in that! Thank you so much Tatcha.
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