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Customer Reviews

  • My new favorite Tatcha product!

    Like other reviewers of this new elegant product, I felt I needed to take a moment to review this find. When Tatcha hits the mark with a product it is hard to beat. My notable finds are the Essence, Kyoto Red lipstick, the body scrub and now this mask. I have been using the mask for 2 weeks at least twice a week and have discovered that my skin has become very soft, smooth and a more bright and radiant color - healthy. Anyone in their 60s will know that skin begins to look dull and strained easily - too little sleep, stress will show up immediately in your skin. This mask appears to replenish my skin so that the stresses of life and the winter weather are erased. I really look healthier (and younger). This was more than I expected from a beauty product. And as always, the Tatcha product is packaged with beauty and care. That is part of the delight in using this product line. Opening the products makes me happy and happiness does impact your looks.
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  • One of the best masks I've ever used.

    I got this in a sample size when Sephora sold an Obento box for skincare lovers before they stopped selling them completely. At first this mask didn't seem different than any other mask I've used, other than the fact it doesn't dry down and turns sticky when it's ready to come off. But when I used it the second time (and I got about 5-6 uses out of the sample size), my skin looked noticeably brighter and it seemed as if the mask helped calm down my breakouts rather quickly. I loved using this mask, I just can't justify spending $65 for the full size yet... broke college life... but one day! Or, if Tatcha wants to help a girl out, I'll give 'em my address to send it my way. Loved this mask!
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  • I had to write a review now that I've been using a while

    Amazing I feel like my skin so soft and glowing!
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  • Love this amazing

    I love this mask makes my skin feel so glowy and my dark spots are fading away.
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  • Absolutely Amazing

    This mask is one of a kind. I have tried many different masks but nothing performs quite like this one. It gives my skin a blurring effect, smaller pores, glow, and balance- all in ONE. I originally tried it because my friend had it, and she gave me a mini. Now I cannot go without it because whenever I use a different mask I just long for the effects of this one. I’ve tried other masks that make the same claims, but this one goes above and beyond.
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